Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Double Birthday!

I am very lucky to have a tight group of friends. We have just started a new tradition this year of having a monthly dinner together and each of us will take turns hosting it at our own houses. The first dinner was a success and we were also able to squeeze in a little Birthday celebration. My friends Stacie and Jenny's Birthdays are only weeks apart. Sooooo, cakes were made!

For Stacie I made this divine chocolate cake with a hint of coffee. I could have licked the spoon the bowl and well all the filling and topping but I did control myself.

For Jenny I chose to make my version of a twinkie. Cream filled white cake with whipped cream and a strawberry slice on top. I never tried one but I heard they were delicious. So delicious that Jenny and her husband finished them all off the next day!


A little girl named Vayda adores TinkerBell. Her Mom who is one of my very best friends threw her a Tinkerbell party for her Birthday and wanted to have Tink come alive in cake form!
And so she did...

All about Kiana

I can always count on my niece Kiana to challenge my cake making abilities. It started with the topsy turvy cake for her 9th Birthday.

Her 10th Birthday was celebrated at an Ice Skating Rink.

And most recently she requested something funny and unusual. That's what I absolutely love, when somebody leaves it all up to me. I can do absolutely anything, but the perfect thing for a 11 year old's a plate of spaghetti! I had the most fun making this cake.

The Spaghetti cake was red velvet cake covered with cream cheese frosting tinted to match the color of cooked noodles. Chocolate meatballs were on top covered with strawberry jam! Oh yes, and shredded white chocolate made to look like Parmesan sprinkled on top!


Homemade carrot cake is turning out to be my favorite. It has the best mixture of spices and has a crunchy top that I cut off for scraps and could munch on all day! I made this one for Tina, my sister-in-law, for her birthday. I hope she enjoyed it!

My two kitchen helpers, Brookie & Jake thought it was amazing to watch the carrots getting devoured by the food processor. If I hadn't stopped them they would have shredded the whole bag of carrots then probably moved on to any thing else that would fit into the narrow slot on top of the machine!

Oldies but Goodies...part 2

The Sock Monkey Cake is one of my favorites! And doesn't really belong in the oldies category but yet it was so 2009!

I was asked to make a cake for a Winnie the Pooh themed baby shower. A little nervous about the request but I painted images on a fondant covered cake.


This Hawaiian-themed cake was for my Mom's 50th Birthday Party. It was very moist with a hint of pineapple.

Oldies but Goodies...part 1

Here are a few of my faves from the past that I didn't want to keep from sharing in the new blog. There has been quite a few birthdays, an open house and lots and lots of baby showers.

Pregnant Misti on top of her baby shower cake.

Peek-A-Boo Baby

This cake was french vanilla with a raspberry cream center. So so so yummy!

I built a house! It was huge and heavy, very heavy! It fed all the guests at my Mom and Marion's House Warming Party and everyone was able to take plate fulls home.

This one had a Oreo cookie filling. Scrumptious!


My very first blog....

Where to start? I have no idea. I decided today to start my very own blog. It's all about the cakes I make. They aren't anything fabulous like the ones you see on tv or in magazines but they are special to the people I make them for and to me. I like doing it and I love to see the smiles that they bring. Everybody loves cake, right? And I am the one who makes it, that makes my job pretty important I think.
Follow along and see the creations that come out of my tiny little kitchen. Some good, some bad, some tasty, some ugly and sometimes some great!

So there it is, my very first blog.