Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Double Birthday!

I am very lucky to have a tight group of friends. We have just started a new tradition this year of having a monthly dinner together and each of us will take turns hosting it at our own houses. The first dinner was a success and we were also able to squeeze in a little Birthday celebration. My friends Stacie and Jenny's Birthdays are only weeks apart. Sooooo, cakes were made!

For Stacie I made this divine chocolate cake with a hint of coffee. I could have licked the spoon the bowl and well all the filling and topping but I did control myself.

For Jenny I chose to make my version of a twinkie. Cream filled white cake with whipped cream and a strawberry slice on top. I never tried one but I heard they were delicious. So delicious that Jenny and her husband finished them all off the next day!

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