Sunday, January 31, 2010

All about Kiana

I can always count on my niece Kiana to challenge my cake making abilities. It started with the topsy turvy cake for her 9th Birthday.

Her 10th Birthday was celebrated at an Ice Skating Rink.

And most recently she requested something funny and unusual. That's what I absolutely love, when somebody leaves it all up to me. I can do absolutely anything, but the perfect thing for a 11 year old's a plate of spaghetti! I had the most fun making this cake.

The Spaghetti cake was red velvet cake covered with cream cheese frosting tinted to match the color of cooked noodles. Chocolate meatballs were on top covered with strawberry jam! Oh yes, and shredded white chocolate made to look like Parmesan sprinkled on top!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE the spaghetti cake. That is pure awesome.