Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Iron Man

My Nephew turned 4 and LOVES Iron Man! I made him a Chocolate Fudge cake and decorated the outside with an Iron Man theme and a little Comic Book flair. I attempted to make cupcakes with the Repulsor light on top but they had to be explained to understand so I think they were a big disaster. The cake on the other hand was a success!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cupcake Crazy

I was cupcake crazy last month!

Strawberry Poke Cupcakes with whipped cream/cream cheese frosting. 
These are really fun to make and you can use your favorite jello flavor and color to make.

Mums in a pretty assortment of colors made for a Baby Shower. I found candy coated chocolate sunflower seeds for the middle of each flower. I thought they were just perfect.

What fun creating cupcakes with a carnival theme. Chocolate fudge cupcakes topped with caramel corn and yellow cupcakes with swirled frosting topped with cotton candy.

I received a second order for puppy cupcakes. This time they were for a puppy shower. The shower was for a Giant Black Schnauzer named, Shayla. Here she is as a cupcake...

Cupcakes are my all time favorite thing to make! So keep the orders coming!! I love it!